Perfect for beginners, people who have just bought a camera and those wishing to learn how to shoot better using their smart phones.

Would you like easy tips to take better pictures? FUN

This is a fun learning workshop, perfect for parents to take with their children. Where questions will be answered by professional Portrait and Landscape photographer Cyrus from Lighthouse Photography. Covering the basics of photography and more.

Cyrus prefers an interactive approach, so if you need clarification or guidance on a particular technique/subject please ask…
Topics covered on the day may include….
• How to shoot day time landscapes.
• Manual settings for portraits, closeups and landscapes.
• How to get what you want in focus.
• Rules of shutter speed.
• How to create bokeh (beautiful blurry backgrounds).
• How to make a photo look cold (blue) or warm (yellow) using white balance settings and correcting to neutral.
• What does ISO do?
• Finding interesting shots from challenging lighting conditions.
• How to create art using creative settings and composition.
• How to identify and capture beauty in a photograph.
• Working with light and backgrounds.
• Nature closeups & interesting patterns.

Cyrus Roussilhes
4.00pm-5.30pm            $35 (members) / $45 (non-members)
Monday, 12 Mar 2018
(Children need to be 10yrs and older)

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