Gentle, non-invasive, low-impact Yoga-based exercise program specially designed for older people (seniors). Suitable for all age groups, and especially for people suffering limited flexibility and range-of-motion (ROM), injuries and medical conditions. This exercise program is recommended by medical physicians (GP’s), chiropractors, physiotherapists and psychologists, and is practiced sitting in a Chair, and standing with the support of a Chair. The Chair is used as a prop to help support the person, and as an aid in assisting the person to gain strength and balance. Pre-requisite: Participants must have completed at least one Term in “Chair Flow Yoga – Level 1”

Sri Shanthi Bhavana
5.00pm-6.00pm             $105
8 Mondays, 5 February – 13 April 2018 (No class on 5 March / 2 April)

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