Can I have a copy of the Term program? Yes! We have created a hard copy for only SPLC members who have no access to a computer. We ONLY POST HARD COPIES TO ANNUAL MEMBERS, but you can also download it here... pdfTerm Program 

Do I have to live in South Perth in order to become a member? No, we celebrate inclusiveness, therefore, anyone is welcome to join!

I can’t make the entire course, can I just pay for half of it or the ones that I attend? We require all students to pay for the entire course fee for two reasons: to enable fairness for all students and in order to ensure that we pay our instructor fees the agreed rate

Does the centre offer any refunds or course? No, all purchases are FINAL SALE, therefore, we do not offer any refunds once a payment is made.

Will I get a refund if a instructor calls in sick? No, all instructors are responsible for providing a make-up class with the students

What age group does the centre cater for? As an adult learning centre, we cater to all adults 18+, but we may potentially offer holiday workshops for all ages.

Do I have to become a member for a one-day class/workshop?  Membership is not required if you enrol in a 1-day activity, but you will have to pay the non-member fee

Can I have a copy of the enrolment form? Sure, just click HERE for a copy (Please remember to click File at the top of the page and select “Download as” to download the word document)

I’m interested in becoming a volunteer/instructor, what do I need to do to get involved?Simple, just flick an email to our Centre Coordinator, Valerie, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and she’ll send you an expression of interest form

Can I invite my friends to attend courses with me? Yes, the more the merrier!

What are the business hours of the centre? It’s typically 9am-4pm, but we do offer evening courses (check out the program for more info)

Do you provide room hire for an 18 and under events? Unfortunately, we no longer offer this option – we feel it’s best to focus on aligning with all adult-related events/not-for-profits/businesses

Are there any courses for parents? We occasionally have guest speakers present on different parenting topics, but there are no parent courses at this time. That is definitely a segment that we’re looking into for future terms

What is your term schedule? We have 9 week terms

2018 Term Schedule:
Term 1: 5 Feb – 6 April (9 weeks)
Term 2: 30 April – 29 June (9 weeks)
Term 3: 23 July – 21 Sept (9 weeks)
Term 4: 15 Oct – 14 Dec (9 weeks)