Dear members,

Thank you for a very productive, artful and stimulating year at SPLC. We hope that you have enjoyed being together as much as learning and sharing new experiences.

We have created new courses and achieved new goals for SPLC, such as the SPLC Art calendar ( sold out.)

We also thank you for your patience and understanding when some things don't work out as planned.

Turning towards 2022, we have programmed some short courses for January and have made some further decisions about the covid situation.

Considering the recent government announcement of a February 5th. border opening and inline with what is recommended and permitted by the WA government, the centre is implementing the following actions to ensure the continued health and wellbeing of all active members.

We appreciate all the support you can give your teachers and the volunteers to complete all the actions.

1. Staff, volunteers, teachers and class participants are all required to present proof of covid vaccination, prior to February 5th.

Pocket-size vaccination certificates can be printed and laminated at SPLC for use at other venues as well.

2. Only vaccinated members will be allowed in classes.
This will be checked during enrolments, by staff and volunteers and prior to class attendance. As a further safeguard teachers will also need to check each of their students has provided their status before class.

3. Please use the hand sanitiser provided in each classroom.

4. Meticulous cleaning of tables in classrooms will again be required, teachers are responsible for this before and after each of their classes. Cleaning supplies will be provided for each classroom. Members' help appreciated.

5. Bins in classrooms to be emptied after each session. Members' help appreciated.

6. Other materials used in the classroom, such as Mahjong tiles will be washed after each session. Members' help appreciated.

7. Use of personal cup and water bottles is recommended.