Lino Printing – Beyond Black and White will be an intermediate level course that will introduce students to the process of multi-coloured lino printing. This course would still be suitable for beginners (esp. those who like a challenge) as we will begin the course by doing a single colour lino print design to make sure we can all wrap our heads around how the process works. However, the main focus will be to produce a final collection of prints with 3 or more colour separations, using the degenerative process of removing more and more lino from your block with each layer until the block is eventually destroyed by the end of the process – meaning your prints will be exclusive, limited edition pieces. During the course we will look at examples of this process used by artists who have mastered the craft, and investigate the variations in materials & equipment, as well as looking at alternate methods that can be used to incorporate layers of colour into your lino printed artworks.


Students will need to bring some inspiration and/ or pre-developed ideas & sketches from which they will create their designs, and a portfolio or box to keep their prints in. If students are working on pieces at home and would like to incorporate these into their work or receive feedback/ direction they are welcome to bring these along also.
Students who have their own carving tools (and are happy to use them) should notify the SPLC coordinator. All other tools/ materials will be provided.

Mikaela Miller
1.00pm-4.00pm             $140
5 Wednesdays, 7 March – 4 April 2018

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