Have you often thought of writing a book or even a story, but was never sure where to start, how to go about it, or wonder if anyone would even care to read your story? You would be surprised! As humans we feed on stories, we need them for our own survival because we learn from them, we relate to them and stories help us to understand each other. If it weren’t for stories, on rock carvings, stories told around a fire and tales etched in ancient caves how would we ever know what our ancestors were like?

Storytelling is inherent in us all. We all have lived experiences which others can learn from.

So come along and find out if this is for you. See if you would like to become a published author in ninety days.

This is a FREE introductory workshop for people who are considering writing their memoirs or business stories. The groups are limited to 6 people only per session.

It is a 3 hour interactive workshop which will cover
· the nuances of storytelling,
· memory mining techniques,
· how to edit so that the manuscript is polished enough to present to a publisher,
· the differenes between the world of traditional publishing and self- publishing,
· how to upload and sell on Amazon
· how market your book successfully – the world of media & publicity, book launches and more…

Shoma Mittra
12.30pm-3.30pm           $15 (member) / $20 (non-member)
Friday, 23 Mar 2018

Click HERE to enrol!