Dr Dre made chess cool after he appeared on the cover of music magazine XXL with a chessboard and declared himself a lover of the game. Crowds of seniors have filled classes since research has shown chess to be one of the most effective and enjoyable methods of preventing the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

This class has been designed for all age groups and introduces beginners to the game in a fun way whilst developing player’s strategic thinking skills. Throughout the course, participants will learn the purpose and function of each chess piece and the openings, strategies and tactics that even Grand Masters use. An all inclusive course, equal opportunity employer SPLC welcomes instructor Chris Roberton who is an inspirational reminder that disability is no barrier to learning or teaching the artful game of chess.

Marsha Tang & Chris Robertson
2.30pm-4.00pm             $80
8 Tuesdays, 6 Feb – 27 March 2018

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