What is PAZ? PAZ is a group format, stress management workshop for adults of any cultural background, age, occupation or profession. Why the name? The word “PAZ” means peace in Spanish. Also, in some Spanish speaking countries, primarily Mexico, a short for parents is papas and a short for papas is pa’s (which sounds like PAZ) given the fact that the workshop is for adults and most of them might be parents or grandparents.

What is the objective? The objective of Paz is to provide clients/students with self-empowerment and self –reliance tools through understanding stress mechanisms and gain control over its causes & effects, reach a sense of well –being. The long- term objective is for them to spread the love, spread the serenity and enjoy deep peace from within.

Elia Garcia
9.30am-11am           $84
7 Wednesdays, 18 October – 6 December (No class on 15 November)
Max 10

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