Tai Chi Kung Fu is a complete system of Chinese martial art developed from Taoist philosophies. Its development was based on sound scientific principles. Its gentle flow and graceful movements are now recognized also as a very good form of exercise. With constant practice, it can promote good health and relaxation. However, for maximum benefit and to avoid possible injury, proper instruction is essential.
The principles of Tai Chi are closely related to Chi Kung. “Chi” is the Chinese word for Internal Life Energy. While Chi Kung promotes the flow of life energy through deep breathing and meditation, Tai Chi does the same through slow gentle movements. After practising Tai Chi diligently and correctly for some time, students will be able to develop deeper breathing and begin to experience the benefits associated with the smooth gentle flow of Chi within their bodies.

The original form of Tai Chi was first developed in China hundreds of years ago by Master Chan. Since then, various styles had emerged, each with some variations and differing characteristics. In Australia, the most popular ones are the Yang and the Wu styles. The Tai Chi form using free hands consists of 108 movements. However, there are also other forms of Tai Chi using weapons such as sword, knife and fan etc.

The instructor is Stephen Ho who is a retired academic and he has been a Tai Chi practitioner with over 40 years experience.

Stephen Ho
10am-11am             $55
4 Tuesdays, 21 November – 12 December
Max 6

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