This course is designed for adults of all ages – particularly useful for busy mums and older adults and can be practised anytime (very useful after a long day and before bed); Restorative asanas (postures) are designed to stimulate energy flow, rejuvenation and restoration of energy (prana/chi) through the Subtle Anatomy (Chakras) – modified for each individual.

Subtle stimulating movement and comfortable, long-held static postures with breath-awareness increases flexibility and range-of-motion, and promotes good joint health

This form of yoga increases breath capacity, therefore: more energy, more vitality!

  • Breath/energy control (pranayama), promotes flow of prana (life-giving energy) throughout the entire physical Body, and Subtle Anatomy
  • Meditation – for relaxation, self-awareness and clarity of Mind
  • Stimulates and activates the Parasympathetic Nervous Systems (PNS) to bring relaxation benefits: therefore helps de-stress
  • Stimulates a peaceful calm feeling, with clarity of mind – transforms tired energy and stress into relaxed productive energy, with increased tranquility for Body, Mind and Spirit

Sri Shanthi Havana
3pm-4pm       $120
9 Fridays, 20 October – 15 December
Max 5

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