Do you want to try new things, but don’t want to dive in to a full course in case it isn’t right?

Are you worried about going alone?

Do you want to meet new people and make new friends but don’t have any hobbies?

We have the course for you! The New Friends course has been put together by the women at “New Friends ❤ (Perth & WA girls only)”, a 5,000 strong women-only social group on Facebook and their aim is to ensure no woman ever feels lonely in Perth!

The 9-week course with a bonus social gathering, revolves around you trying new things and making friends, so it doesn’t matter if you don’t have anyone to go with, at the end you will be leaving with new friends.

In week 1 we will get to know each other, look at personality types, the 5 languages of love and do some fun interactive quizzes to break the ice. We will also be joined by the empowering personal development coach Jennifer Tadena.

Week 2, we can sit back and let Natalie Bertagni cook for us while she teaches us how!!!

Week 3, we will meet Emma Richards who is a dab hand and crochet and is going to share her skills will us.

Week 4, is something special with Cat. We are going to make our own Jarrah cutting boards to have and to cut on.

We forgot how amazing week 5 is, Sharon Kyrwood a celeb makeup artist is going to show us how to do our makeup, we know we need this!

Week 6 Ana-Maria is going to help you relax and teach you some embroidery skills.

Damn girls everything we ever thought about trying is in this course!

Now before for anyone says no to week 7 just hear me out, we know that role play and the idea of acting in front of strangers is terrifying BUT this is so good for confidence building and teaching us tricks to come across as more confident. Demi will put us at ease instantly and if nothing else we will laugh.

By week 8 we should all be feeling pretty good and setting goals for the new year and what better to accompany this than with a dream board. Art Therapist, Layla, is going to show us how to put our dreams boards together.

In week 9, we are going to collect all the photos and memories that we have made in the previous 8 weeks and put them together for a scrap booking class with MJ! Making sure we keep a few pages free for our future memories with the gang.

WEEK 10, Our See You Later Not Never Party. We will all get together for some nibbles and refreshments to celebrate the previous weeks and the new friendships made, not to mention the confidence and positive outlooks we will all be radiating.
Course fee: $160
Day: Monday
Dates: 16 Oct – 18 Dec
Time: 7pm-9pm

Interested in enrolling? Fill out the information below and we will notify you once enrolments are open!