This course will commence with an initial introduction to Photoshop:
1. The basic structure of Adobe Photoshop and image manipulation. Pixels, colour models, image size, file types and how it all affects the image you are working on.
2. The basic photoshop tools – when to use them and when not.
3. Filters – blur and grain – their relevance. Layers – the most important aspect of Photoshop. Even advanced users of Photoshop often do not realise the power of layers and the variety of different ways to use them. The use of Photoshop layers will be a main focus of this course and all levels of users will be catered, from the first time user to the more advanced.  (Requirements: BYO laptop and adobe photoshop software)

Neil Thomas
5.30pm-7.30pm       $155
8 Wednesdays, 7 February – 28 March

Click HERE to enrol

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