Students will be encouraged to expand their repertoire of skills and techniques. This includes colour mixing, brush control, wet in wet painting and planning a successful composition. Each lesson starts with a warmer and is followed by a main activity.

Students can follow their own choice of subject matter, or create an individual interpretation of the theme the teacher introduces with a demonstration at the start of class. Students are encouraged to paint from real objects and personal photos, but also have the option of using the teacher’s resources. This course is for both beginning and intermediate students. The beginning students will be recommended simpler exercises than the more experienced students

Verena Marmion
1pm-3pm                                   $125
12th Feb – 9th April (No class on 5 Mar / 2 April) 2018



  • Round synthetic watercolour brush 16
  • Round synthetic watercolour brush 10
  • Round synthetic watercolour brush 6
  • Round synthetic watercolour brush 1
  • Flat brush 1.5 Inch, Hake or Mop brush


  • Bring in tube paints. Winsor and Newton watercolour paint is recommended. Students may prefer the less expensive student quality paint or another brand. This is a limited palette, which can be developed in time.
  • Cobalt blue
  • Cerulean Blue
  • Lemon yellow
  • Permanent rose
  • Raw sienna (Must be Windsor and Newton professional)
  • Ultramarine Blue
  • Alizarin Crimson
  • Burnt Sienna


  • 2b led pencil Eraser
  • Masking tape
  • 2 Water Jars
  • 300gm watercolour paper
  • Visual diary of 110g cartridge paper for exercises.
  • Board made of masonite, MDF, ply or the back of a canvas board. Must be larger than your paper  (SUPPLIED BY SPLC UPON REQUEST)
  • Welled plastic palette with sealed lid and mixing area in centre
  • Paper towels
  • A wood block, thick book or Tupperware container approximately 10-15 cm high to lean your board on an angle


Click HERE to enrol

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